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Hidden danger of washing powder


Washing powder is everywhere in our lives and it has become an indispensable cleaning product.Although washing powder contains such substances that may be harmful to the human body, in the country's testing standards for washing powder, there are only standards such as decontamination ability, and there is no specific standard for human health.

According to a person in charge of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Cleaning Products, the main purpose of washing powder is to wash clothes. The national indicators for washing powder mainly include: active matter, PH value, oil to alkali, apparent density (ie The weight of the washing powder should be consistent with the performance it can perform) as well as the detergency. In the case where these standards are acceptable, there is no restriction on the manufacturer to add some other ingredients.
Washing powder is used to wash clothes more cleanly. However, according to media reports, some multifunctional washing powders may have certain health hazards, which may affect people's skin, liver, etc., especially when washing clothes by hand. time. When summer is over, the number of people washing clothes has increased significantly. What kind of washing powder is better?
More hidden dangers
It is understood that the main component of washing powder is sodium benzene sulfonate, which has a good decontamination effect and is very convenient to use, so it is very popular among people. Many washing powders on the market now add some new ingredients and have more and more washing functions. These main components mainly include surfactants, builders, stabilizers, dispersants, whiteners, essences and enzymes.
Li Hongzhu, an associate researcher at the Tianjin Pharmaceutical Research Institute, pointed out that the detergent used in the washing machine is added with a surfactant to make the laundry free of foam or less in the washing process. The bio-catalyst such as alkaline protease is added to the enzyme washing powder. It can decompose sweat spots, milk stains, etc.; synthetic flavors can neutralize body odor or sweat; fluorescent whitening agents can make clothes brighter; while builders can increase the decontamination effect.
However, she believes that surfactants, brighteners, and builders that come into direct contact with or adhere to clothing can irritate the skin and have an impact on health. Commonly used builders damage the human liver, and surfactants can damage the stratum corneum and roughen the skin. In addition, too much synthetic fragrance smells very strong, often causing some people allergies. Fluorescent whitening agent itself is a toxic substance that invades the human body too much and can cause great harm to health.
Professor Zhang Baoxu of the Department of Toxicology of Peking University Medical School also pointed out that whitening agents, surfactants and other substances can cause allergic reactions after exposure to human skin and hands, and symptoms such as eczema and dermatitis may occur. He also specifically reminded: Do not use those inferior washing powder (opening will have an unpleasant smell), it is more harmful to the human body, and it is more difficult to grasp.
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